Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The catwalk: Chinese mini dress

Ni hao! When you're planning a trip to China and you have just three short weeks there, it can be a challenge to decide what to do, where to go and what to see. Especially when you plan said trip at short notice! There were a few must-dos that ranked high on my list: check out the Great Wall at Mutianyu (and toboggan down it just because I can), head to the Forbidden City, see the lights on the Bund, experience the pedestrian street and shopping on Nanshing Road and of course visit the Silk Market in Beijing.

The Silk Market, also known as Silk Street, is one of a few markets of its kind. These markets carry everything from tea, to luggage, to high end handbag brand names and it’s also a commonality to see a full floor of tailor made shops often with photos of celebrities displayed of whom they've tailor made clothing for. Beijing had three major markets that we frequented including Silk Street, the Pearl Market and Yashow. After visiting a market or two in Shanghai to test the waters and really get accustomed to what we should expect, we were ready to bargain hard and look for some deals in Beijing!

I hadn't planned on purchasing anything tailor made but while I was waiting for my husband and friend to get fitted for their suits I figured I may as well join in the fun – after all, David Beckham had a suit tailor made at Tony the Tailor’s – why can’t I? I quickly started filing through some pattern books to see what different styles they had to offer. Since I was in China, I chose to go with a traditional Chinese dress and fabric with a modern twist. They took my measurements, and 24 hours later I returned to try on and pick up my new dress.

The black and red plum blossom fabric is exactly what I was looking for and the mini length gives it a mod flavour making it versatile and appropriate for many occasions. The fabric has very little give so it's tailored slightly larger than I had expected so I can move and sit comfortably. It's classy and fun, and I envision it being perfect for a party or a night out. Pair it with a black clutch, pumps and gold jewelry to make it glam and gorgeous! X
Tailor made dress with kate spade byrd wellesley purse. Photo by Sam Russell
Tailor made Chinese dress. Photo by Sam Russell

Tailor made Chinese dress.with black leather kate spade byrd wellesley handbag. Photo by Sam Russell